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📚 Felice Benuzzi:

Time was no longer considered by the average prisoner as something of value to be exploited; time for them was an enemy, but for me this was no longer so.

I was already busy with a secret plan, a plan that was slowly taking definite shape.

A prisoner of the last world war wrote in his memoirs: “At the front one takes risks, but one does not suffer; in captivity one does not take risks but one suffers.”

In order to break the monotony of life one had only to start taking risks again, to try to get out of this Noah’s Ark, which was preserving us from the risks of war but isolating us from the world and its deluge of life. If there is no means of escaping to a neutral country or of living under a false name in occupied Somalia, then, I thought, at least I shall stage a break in this awful travesty of life.

I shall try to get out, climb Mount Kenya and return here. […]

I found it fascinating to elaborate, in the utmost secrecy, the first details of my scheme.

Life took on another rhythm, because it had a purpose.