Early-rising blue heron enjoying a misty morning sunrise after the storm on the southern tip of Damariscotta Lake

“The practice of nepsis is counter-cultural. Social media, politics, culture wars, pop culture, influencers, pundits, prognostications, and even personal mental health are focused on the “BIG picture”, global political, cultural, and environmental issues, things over which we have no individual control. But nepsis calls on us to be aware, not of global issues but the issue of how I put my silverware in the sink.”

Ask and you shall receive!

This was great, and it could not have worked out better even if I had sent Geoffrey West a letter. Worth your time.

Pictures and video often, if not always, fall short of the reality of any experience. But this was by far the most uncapturable experience we have had.

That. Was. Cool.

Ice cream = well-being

As part of my print-to-read effort, I may have geeked out a little over this “print as pamphlet” option that I’ve only just now discovered. 🖨️📄🤓

“His architecture clearly expresses his beliefs through the modular structure and the simplicity of its form. Yet, it does not dictate activities, rather it enables people to shape their own lives within his buildings with elegance, normality, poetry and joy.”

Serene on Mount Chocorua (2019)

Beautiful foliage in Maine today. The signs of spring are here!